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The Artwork that I have created is the reflection of life, emotions of mine and others that have experienced pain, loss, loneliness etc. I like to express all of that into my work for people to relate to it and find their relief of knowing that sometimes pieces of art can help to bring the ease. All of the characters I've created are specific people, individuals or situations. 


By creating art that is personal I keep them nameless, without any description to it, so whoever sees it can find their connection without any introduction to what it should make the person feel or how they should see it.


This exhibition portrays more of a dark, sad, depressive side of the art, rather than beautiful and colorful.



One Side Of The Story


Exhibition “ One Side Of The Story” began in early 2012 when I got my main inspiration and kind of a "push" from a friend/ talented Estonian artist Markus Kasemaa whose work I fell in love with the first time I saw it. I liked the fact his work is done with sepia colours and dark ideas. So it made me think strongly about my work, what I want to create and that it doesn’t have to be colourful, it can be dark and have a vintage touch to it.


I started the process by bringing this art to life in January 2012, when I started sketching the ideas on the paper and trying to find the real life connection between me and stories I've heard. It took me 6 months to finalize the ideas/ characters before I asked my dear friend/ a talented photographer Heikki Leis to take images for me and help me to create the looks I was after. 


On top of creating the artwork I was lucky enough to be able to get behind the scenes filmmaker (Henri Killõ) and photographer (Kadi Oja) which made everything even more interesting for art lovers, so now they are able to see how everything came to live.


It was published in September 2012 in Estonia.


Prints are A1 size, measurements : 841 x 594 mm / 33.1 x 23.4 in


Images showing are photos before the extra artwork.



Hope you like them.




- Gerda -

Gerda Miller OÜ

Telliskivi 60a/1
10412, Tallinn

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